Conversation with Courtney Ravell: Physical Health & Wellness

Physical Health and Wellness: A Conversation with Courtney Ravell

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When it comes to our physical health and wellness, it’s important to take proactive care of it in order to enjoy every area of our lives. It’s also important to get the professional rehabilitative care that we need if we’re not at our optimal level of health.

About our guest

Courtney Ravell joins us as our guest to give us more insight into this important area. Courtney attained her Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Cape Town and specialises in Neurological and General Physiotherapy. She has a significant amount of experience in her field having worked at Tshwane Rehabilitation Hospital and MH&P Rehab.

Today, Courtney runs her own practice named Courtney Ravell Physiotherapy where she specialises in providing home-based care in Cape Town, South Africa. Other interesting facts about Courtney is that she:

  • is a professionally trained dancer
  • is an avid crossfitter who spends many hours keeping fit with her husband
  • has a beautiful and very active puppy dog named Atlas
Questions that we discuss during our interview:
  • What made you decide on making physiotherapy your career path?
  • What is physiotherapy and how it can help us?
  • What are some of the physical health and wellness myths that you want to debunk?
  • What are some of the common ailments or injuries that people sustain due to lifestyle?
  • Do adults and children sustain the same ailments or injuries? Is physical therapy the same for both?
  • How have unaddressed ailments impacted your clients’ lives?
  • How important is it for us to include movement and physical activity in our lives?

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