Communicate Effectively With Your Audience

Communicate Effectively With Your Audience: A Conversation with Lindsay Wagner

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It’s become more important than ever to communicate better in today’s world. How businesses communicate with their employees, customers, suppliers and community can mean the difference between thriving, surviving, or closing up shop. When a business really understands and connects its audience, it reaps so many benefits. It builds a strong, unique brand that has engaged relationships with all its stakeholders. This topic warrants the input of an industry expert.

About our guest

We have Lindsay Wagner as our guest who’s passionate about her career. She’s attained numerous qualifications in her profession including a diploma in Copywriting, a diploma in Magazine Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Science.

She’s been in the business communication industry since 2003 when she began her career in advertising. Since then, she’s had a hand in growing some of the biggest brands as a Copywriter, Editorial Assistant, Journalist, Features Writer, Communications Coordinator, and Social Media and Content Writer.

When she’s not improving businesses through her expertise, you’ll find Lindsay playing the violin or spending time with her cute Staffie dog, Shadow. Right now she’s also learning to play the ukulele which is a small, guitar-like instrument.

Questions that we discuss during our interview:
  • What inspired you to follow your interesting career path?
  • How did your work as a communications specialist benefit the brands for which you’ve worked?
  • What would you do if a communication campaign did not perform well?
  • What are the most important about communicating with your audience?
  • How can businesses tailor a message for their target audience?
  • What would you say are the building blocks of an effective communications plan or communication piece?
  • How can businesses become better at communicating with their people and what are the benefits?
  • What are some of the best channels to use to communicate with internal and external audiences?

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