Podcast Interview with Polka.Dot.Coco

The Journey of Sibling Entrepreneurs: A Conversation with Nelly and Nolwazi Zama

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Let’s look at the journey of two sibling entrepreneurs who run a successful accessory brand. We’ll learn about the highlights, challenges and lessons that they’ve experienced along the way, as well as other amazing initiatives that came about as a result of them building their business.

About our guests

We welcome sister duo, Nelly and Nolwazi Zama as our guests. These ladies are the owners of the proudly South African brand, polka.dot.coco. They’re based in the South Coast of Durban, South Africa, and they specialise in handcrafted accessories. Their accessories are suitable for all personalities and occasions and are made using locally sourced material.

Their entrepreneurial journey started back in 2015 and since then Nelly and Nolwazi have grown their brand to new heights. They both have a deep passion for the work that they do and for getting the job done. They believe that “if God has blessed you with a gift, use that gift to the best of your ability.”

When they’re not working on their business, you’ll these dynamic sisters enjoying activities that they find relaxing. Nelly loves to spend time cooking in the kitchen and enjoys trying out different foods from around the world. As part of tourism in their area, she and her sister cater for tourists using the food grown on their own farm. Nolwazi is all about the outdoors. She loves being in nature and you’ll often find her working outdoors and planting in the garden. She’s also enjoys other outdoor activities such as trail running and walking. The sisters also have two six-month old Rottweiler dogs who they adore, and who keep them entertained with their antics.

Questions that we discuss during our interview:
  • What lead to you starting your business brand?
  • How did you choose the name polka.dot.coco?
  • What are some of the best moments of your journey?
  • What are some of the biggest challenges that you experienced?
  • As sibling entrepreneurs who successfully run a business together, how do you manage to make your partnership work?
  • Connected to your vision for your business, you have the Princess Diaries Mentorship programme for girls. What is this programme?

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