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The Key to Attracting Great Talent: A Conversation with Vanessa Raath

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Let’s focus on business growth and discuss the concept of “talent”. We discuss how you can attract great talent to your organisation, and we share advice on how individuals can stand out and get noticed in the talent market. Our guest, Vanessa Raath, has more than a decade’s experience in the Recruitment Industry, specialising in the Tech space. She’s an internationally sought-after Talent Sourcer, Talent Sourcing Trainer and conference Keynote Speaker.

About our guest

Vanessa’s passionate about raising the standard of sourcing talent globally, particularly in Africa. Because of her passion, she launched her own company in 2019 called Vanessa Raath: The Talent Hunter. Here, she works with companies across the globe to identify the best talent in the market. She also trains and empowers Talent Acquisition teams to source their own talent and is currently building an online academy.

Fun facts about Vanessa:
  • Before she made recruitment her career path, she tried her hand at different roles: she taught children in London, operated a ski chairlift in the USA, and taught people to scuba dive in South East Asia
  • She enjoys a good vegetarian braai with family and friends
  • She loves to spend time outdoors in the bush or at the beach, and
  • She lives to capture breathtaking scenes through wildlife photography
Questions that we discuss during our interview
  • How did you get into Talent Sourcing and why are you so passionate about your profession?
  • For listeners who aren’t familiar with this concept, what does it mean when you refer to “talent”?
  • What are some of the key things that business executives and managers should keep in mind when looking for talent?
  • What are some of the shortfalls that you’ve noticed when it comes to talent sourcing standards?
  • What advice do you have to help a candidate stand out and get noticed by their potential employer?

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